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The existing window was single glazed timber and was cold and draughty. We had been replacing all the windows with new uPVC double glazing over the last few years and this was the last window to be changed.

The house now benefits from energy efficient and more secure double glazing on all of its windows.

White uPVC Liniar profile with surface mounted Georgian Bars.

The customer had chosen white uPVC Liniar profile windows with surface mounted Georgian bars in keeping with the style of property and the other windows that had also been replaced.

White uPVC Liniar profile with surface mounted Georgian Bars.

Our customer had a single glazed wooden door which led from the dining room onto the patio. They were refurbishing their dining room and wanted a modern, secure, warm door with double glazing and to reduce ongoing maintenance. They wanted the door to look as close as possible to the original wooden door.

We supplied and installed a Rosewood out/white inside fully sculptured Liniar profile door with brushed silver coloured handles and surface mounted Georgian Bars.

Rosewood out and white in Liniar profile door

The existing entrance door was a black/brown stained timber door. The door was single glazed and was draughty, and whilst it wasn’t rotten it had swollen and was difficult to open and close.

Our customer had had carpenters out over previous years to plane bits off but had now decided to replace it with a low maintenance product which would open in all weathers. The property was part of a development so the new door had to match as closely as possible to the original and the other properties.

We supplied and fitted a fully sculptured Liniar black brown out/white inside framing with an A-rated door with Arctic obscured glass double glazing and surface mounted Georgian Bars.

The door featured shiplap uPVC panel in the lower section and a hookbolt locking system operated by a gold coloured handle.

Fully sculptured Liniar black brown out white in framing. A-rated with Arctic obscured glass double glazing and surface mounted Georgian bars.

This property in Caterham in Surrey had existing upstairs rear windows which were single glazed, vertical sliding, white painted in softwood timber. The existing upstairs French Doors with a balcony were single glazed, white painted softwood. The existing windows and french doors provided little insulation in winter, suffered from bad condensation and had started to rot.

We replaced four windows with white micro porous painted hardwood frames. The windows are double glazed, vertical sliding counter balanced with spiral balances and surface mounted Georgian Bars.

The French Doors are hung from standard butt hinges and have a multi-point locking system and also have matching surface mounted Georgian Bars.


White painted hardwood vertical sliding windows and french doors.  Double glazed with surface mounted Georgian Bars

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