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New uPVC back door in Reigate Surrey

The customer’s property was in Reigate and their existing back door was a modern GRP composite door but it had been installed out of square so didn’t close or lock properly and was draughty. Our customer wanted an easier to live with and low maintenance solution.

We supplied and installed a new white Liniar uPVC door with multi-point locks operated by chrome lever handles.

White Liniar uPVC door with multi-point locks operated by chrome leverlever handles.

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New Porch Door Dorking, Surrey

The customer’s existing porch door was a single glazed timber framed door. They were having the outside walls painted and wanted a more secure, low maintenance front porch door with double glazing.

We supplied and installed a GRP composite front door dark wood out/white in together with one white uPVC side window.

Darkwood out/white in composite door with White PVCu side window.

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For Double Glazing Effingham, call Dorking Glass.

The School were having some internal building work done and were knocking 2 dorms together to create a new staff flat. The existing windows were single glazed steel Crittle, were in a poor condition and thermally very inefficient.

They were difficult to open and close and were draughty. The head of maintenance at the school wanted strong, high quality, thermally efficient windows which could stand the high usage.

Modern aluminium double glazing fitted the bill perfectly!

We fitted 3 white powder-coated aluminium windows with clear toughened glass and shoot bolt locks, directly fixed into the brickwork.

For Double Glazing Effingham, call Dorking Glass.

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Reigate Window and Roofline Updates

The existing windows and doors were stained hardwood. They were glazed with thin double glazed sealed units with rectangular leads.

The windows and doors were in a good condition but our customer wanted to have more secure, modern, thermally efficient double glazing on their windows and doors which would also require less long term maintenance.

To reduce the maintenance on the property, we also replaced all of the existing roofline products (fascias, soffits and guttering) to new, modern, low maintenance uPVC.

We supplied 13 windows, 2 bay windows and 2 doors all Rosewood out/white in, Liniar profile, uPVC A-rated and double glazed with rectangular leaded lights.

The locks were shootbolt locks operated by chrome handles.

The Rosewood uPVC fascia boards, white vented soffit boards and black half round deep flow guttering completed the refurbishment.

Rosewood out / white in Liniar profile uPVC

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Security Upgrade With A GRP Composite Door in Brockham

The existing back door was single glazed timber. The customer wanted to upgrade to a more secure, thermally efficient door which was easy to open in all weather conditions and required less maintenance.

We supplied and installed a white in/white out GRP composite back door with gold coloured door furniture.

White in and out GRP composite back door with gold colour furniture
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The Benefits of Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors are ‘in’! Originally designed as internal doors for use in confined spaces, such as closets and laundry rooms, as homeowners and property developers endeavoured to make the most of all available space, bifolding doors have now found their place as a modern exterior door option.

Get more connected to your wonderful outdoor space

Bifolding doors are the perfect solution if you’re looking to open up your living space and make it feel more connected to your garden or patio, which makes them well worth considering if you’re planning an extension or wanting to make better use of the space you have.

The flexibility of bifolding doors gives a real advantage over standard doors too. They can be fully opened, partially opened, or kept completely closed, giving you greater control over how much additional space you want to create. And because of the amount of glazing – rather than the solid wall – you can achieve a much more visually appealing result because the view onto your garden will become much bigger.

Even when the doors are shut on a cold day, you won’t feel shut off from the outside.

Then there’s the extra natural light that will flow into the room, something that can make all the difference to a small space – the simple choice of bifolding doors can easily create a wonderfully airy environment.

Benefits of bifolding doors

A flexible and practical door solution…

Of course, some people will always argue that sliding doors are better because of the large expanse of glazing in relation to the frame. Yes, they do have the advantage of creating an unbroken view of the outside, but that’s about it – and it’s a limited view.

Sliding doors will only open to less than half of the overall width and they simply do not offer the same versatility as bifolding doors. If you can form two sides of an extension with fully opening bifolding doors, then the frames become a small compromise.

The beauty of bifolding doors is that you can pretty much choose what you want according to the available space. They are generally designed so that there is one main traffic door opening outwards, with all doors folding back one way or, with wider door combinations, two hinged doors split centrally which fold back each way, but there are many possible permutations!

Durability isn’t an issue. Exterior bifolding doors are manufactured to high-quality standards and must comply with regulations for insulation, safety and security and weather ratings so you can be assured that leaks and draughts won’t be an issue.

Dorking Glass install the ‘Schuco’ profile, acknowledged within the industry as being one of the highest quality aluminium bifolding door systems available. Each door leaf can be manufactured up to 1200mm wide and 3000mm tall, which is just not possible with other systems.

Benefits of bifolding doors

The perfect option no matter what colour you are after!

There are also plenty of colours to choose from – the doors can be powder-coated to any standard RAL colour, so whatever the style of your room there will be a set of bifolding doors to suit.

Benefits of bifolding doors

If you’re planning home improvements or an extension to your property and would like to find out more about how bifolding doors might work for you, contact Dorking Glass and we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.

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Window and Door Upgrade, Dorking

The existing windows were black painted timber. They were double glazed with very thin sealed units and were extremely draughty.

The doors were the only exit from the lounge onto the patio area and the doors were difficult to open and close.

Our customer wanted new French Doors and a window which were warmer worked in all weathers and required less maintenance.

We supplied and installed Smarts system double glazed, glass sealed units – one window and French Doors in blackout, white in powder-coated aluminium.

Window and French doors black out, white in power coated aluminium.
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Thermally efficient Shopfront, Dorking

The existing shopfront was made of timber. The shop was being refurbished and the landlord wanted a low maintenance product which was thermally more efficient.

We installed white powder-coated aluminium frames which were double glazed with clear laminated glass for security. The inner pane of glass had a softcote Low-E coating and the cavity was argon filled for thermal efficiency.

White powder coated aluminium windows and doors
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 A-rated Door with Arctic Obscured Glass Upgrade, Dorking

The existing entrance door was a black/brown stained timber door. The door was single glazed and was draughty, and whilst it wasn’t rotten it had swollen and was difficult to open and close.

Our customer had had carpenters out over previous years to plane bits off but had now decided to replace it with a low maintenance product which would open in all weathers.

The property was part of a development so the new door had to match as closely as possible to the original and the other properties.

We supplied and fitted a fully sculptured Liniar black brownout/white inside framing with an A-rated door with arctic obscured glass double glazing and surface mounted Georgian Bars.

The door featured shiplap uPVC panel in the lower section and a hookbolt locking system operated by a gold coloured handle.

Fully sculptured Liniar black brown out white in framing. A-rated with Arctic obscured glass double glazing and surface mounted Georgian bars.
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Double Glazed French Doors For Bedroom, Bookham

Our customer had a blank wall in their main bedroom and wanted a set of French Doors, opening side windows and a Juliet balcony.

We supplied and installed white uPVC fully sculptured Liniar profile A-rated, double-glazed French Doors and two tilt and turn windows featuring shaped head frames. Both were glazed with clear toughened glass.

White uPVC fully sculptured Liniar profile A rated double glazed French doors and two tilt and turn windows
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