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New Door in Beare Green, Dorking – Nottingham style composite front door in Golden Oak

The existing front door was timber but was both draughty and insecure. Following a recent refurbishment of the front of the property our customer wanted a new, warm, low-maintenance and secure front door.

We installed a new composite Nottingham style Golden Oak in and out composite door with Quad Red patterned glass and gold colour door furniture.

Nottingham style Golden Oak composite door

Double Glazing Dorking – new GRP composite front door

The customer’s existing porch door was a single glazed timber framed door. They were having the outside walls painted and wanted a more secure, low maintenance front porch door with double glazing.

We supplied and installed a GRP composite front door darkwood out/white in together with one white uPVC side window.

Darkwood out/white in composite door with White PVCu side window.

Double Glazing Reigate – uPVC windows, bay windows and doors

The existing windows and doors were stained hardwood. They were glazed with thin double glazed sealed units with rectangular leads. The windows and doors were in a good condition but our customer wanted to have more secure, modern, thermally efficient double glazing on their windows and doors which would also require less long term maintenance.

To reduce the maintenance on the property, we also replaced all of the existing roofline products (fascias, soffits and guttering) to new, modern, low maintenance uPVC.

We supplied 13 windows, 2 bay windows and 2 doors all Rosewood out/white in, Liniar profile, uPVC A-rated and double glazed with rectangular leaded lights.

The locks were shootbolt locks operated by chrome handles.

The Rosewood uPVC fascia boards, white vented soffit boards and black half round deepflow guttering completed the refurbishment.

Rosewood out / white in Liniar profile uPVC

Double Glazing Brockham – new GRP composite back door

The existing back door was single glazed timber. The customer wanted to upgrade to a more secure, thermally efficient door which was easy to open in all weather conditions and required less maintenance.

We supplied and installed a white in/white out GRP composite back door with gold coloured door furniture.

White in and out GRP composite back door with gold colour furniture

Double Glazing Dorking – Rosewood entrance door

Our customer had a single glazed wooden door which led from the dining room onto the patio. They were refurbishing their dining room and wanted a modern, secure, warm door with double glazing and to reduce ongoing maintenance. They wanted the door to look as close as possible to the original wooden door.

We supplied and installed a Rosewood out/white inside fully sculptured Liniar profile door with brushed silver coloured handles and surface mounted Georgian Bars.

Rosewood out and white in Liniar profile door

Double Glazing Dorking – uPVC front entrance door

The existing entrance door was a black/brown stained timber door. The door was single glazed and was draughty, and whilst it wasn’t rotten it had swollen and was difficult to open and close.

Our customer had had carpenters out over previous years to plane bits off but had now decided to replace it with a low maintenance product which would open in all weathers. The property was part of a development so the new door had to match as closely as possible to the original and the other properties.

We supplied and fitted a fully sculptured Liniar black brown out/white inside framing with an A-rated door with Arctic obscured glass double glazing and surface mounted Georgian Bars.

The door featured shiplap uPVC panel in the lower section and a hookbolt locking system operated by a gold coloured handle.

Fully sculptured Liniar black brown out white in framing. A-rated with Arctic obscured glass double glazing and surface mounted Georgian bars.

Double Glazing Horley – new entrance door at flats

The block of flats were built approximately three years ago and the builder had installed a cheap residential grade entrance door which was not substantial enough for the amount of use required. We removed and disposed of the existing door and installed a high quality commercial aluminium door retaining the existing uPVC side frames.

The new entrance door specification was white powder coated commercial aluminium framing with clear toughened double glazing. An electric latch release entry system (connected by another supplier) and a concealed overhead transom closer.

White powder coated commercial aluminium framing with clear toughened double glazed door

Double Glazing Fetcham

Fitters & Installers of uPVC/pvcu Double Glazing Windows & Doors in Fetcham

Our customer wanted a porch installed to enclose their front door area. They wanted to eliminate draughts, increase security and have somewhere dry to keep umbrellas and shoes. A very handy addition to many homes.

The new porch was designed to line through with the existing bay window. This created a neat and visually appealing front aspect to the house.

We supplied and installed a white uPVC Swiftframe profile entrance door with bevelled frame and beading.

The front door had white uPVC decorative panels in the lower sections and clear toughened glass in the upper sections for the extra security our customer desired.

White uPVC Swiftframe profile. Bevelled frame and beading. White uPVC decorative panels in lower sections and clear toughened glass in the upper sections.

Our customer had this to say:

“We couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch of guys. They were very polite, informative and skilled! The porch is even better than we expected. Thank you.”

Double Glazing Dorking – uPVC Entrance Door in Westcott

This customer had an old uPVC door which had never worked properly. The frame had been installed out of square so closing and locking the back door had always been difficult and it was very draughty.

Our customer wanted a like-for-like replacement in terms of design but with a high specification and installed properly.

We supplied and installed a white Liniar profile uPVC door with bevelled beading and framing. The door has 18mm internal Georgian bars with clear glass, a multi-point hook locking system operated by a white handle.

We also installed a black cabin hook to enable the customer to keep their new back door open safely and securely.

White Liniar profile uPVC with bevelled beading and framing.  18mm internal Georgian bars with clear glass.  Multi-point hook l

Double Glazing Brockham – uPVC windows and door in an entrance porch

The customer in Brockham, Surrey had an old timber entrance porch which was single glazed and unfortunately, it had started to rot. It also leaked in places. Not an ideal situation.

We supplied and fitted new white uPVC, double glazed windows, a uPVC door and roof frames with black uPVC trims to imitate the original black painted timber posts.

It can put some customers off if they have a character or period property when considering using uPVC, as they feel it will spoil the look of their property. But there are so many uPVC window and door options we can recommend, in terms of glass, window and door furniture and finishing touches – that can look as if they are the original hardwood alternatives but without the heat loss and high maintenance!

White uPVC conservatory with black uPVC trims to imitate original timber

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